09 April 2014
“Here and there on the sills, ledges and crags there were certain outcrops that resembled cones, knobs or pegs. – How odd it was to watch them when the sun shone brightly on the cliffs.  Each outcrop had a shadow that shifted as the sun travelled on its course westwards. – And though I had never noticed it before, I suddenly saw that the rocks were teeming with silent, unobtrusive life.  – They were no longer rocks. They were a giant gallery.”   Sudursveit, p.127-128  
14 January 2014
As I studied the photographs taken by Fokion Zissiadis during his ten-day trip to Iceland this summer, it occurred to me, almost without prompting, that the force of these landscapes lies above all in the allegorical metaphors they evoke. In the very real magic of these extreme geophysical phenomena, and the stark contrasts of the Icelandic landscape, Fokion finds a mythical interpretation in which...