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Rising Blue - Setting Red
Rising Blue - Setting Red


The sunsets of Fokion Zissiadis define those ultimate moments of the natural landscape – moments which seem to acquire their own duration even though they do not seek to perpetuate any temporal continuum.

The shades of colour seem to generate an impression of blue interwoven into the infinity of grey, silver and pink, through the many gradations of the atmosphere, in which microscopic ‘looking glasses’ of moisture awaken shades of mauve on the horizon.

The sunsets offer an almost musical interpretation of the continuum of colour, through its various harmonic scales, like ‘symphonies’ of blue, grey, silver and pink – evoking the subtlety of Japanese water colours in an almost ceremonial osmosis of opposites, like the ultimate coldness of blue or the absolute warmth of red.


Thalea Stefanidou

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