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Upcoming (2020)

Photographs by Fokion Zissiadis, Text by Alex Sheal.

This stunning photographic volume is the permanent record of a long discovery trip into Vietnam lost outposts.

Over two trips in the north, in spring and autumn 2016, Fokion Zissiadis covered some 6,000 kilometres of road, track and trail, and rocky mountains, close to Vietnam’s far Northern Frontier. These epic extremes of the Vietnamese landscapes have resisted against generations of invaders across the centuries, and are home to an incredible humanity.

The photographs in this collection show us a Vietnam known only to those following less-travelled paths. Faced with the landscapes, we experience human life at the threshold of nature; faced with the people, we feel as close as we might get without meeting them. But even then, it takes a special eye to give us the view as if we’re standing right there and to re-discover the beauty and the value right around us.


Alex Sheal's stories have featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post and many other publications, and he has been the recipient of the David Higham Award and The New Writer Novella Prize.

Fokion Zissiadis first took an interest in photography during his years as an architecture student and gradually developed more personal, interpretative views of the landscapes he sought to capture.



272 pages, 16.33×12.40” (41.5 base × 31.5 height cm)
150 color illustrations
Hardcover w/cloth and mailer box.

Upcoming Publication
Publisher Rizzoli