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February 2016

Travel and photography have always been intertwined in Fokion Zissiadis’s approach to life. This impressive book is his quest to capture the natural beauty and spirit of Iceland. Traversing almost 10,000 kilometers of the country’s remote topography, he showcases its rough beauty during both the summer and winter seasons. Like the photographer himself, readers will be awestruck by the sights of lava, sky, and moors, and the vivid formations of waves crashing and rivers flowing. The meticulously-composed images in this collection evoke contemplative bliss. Occasionally we spot a miniscule human figure far in the distance, a sobering reminder that compared to the grandeur of nature, we humans are but a humble footnote.

184 pp., Hardcover
Format 16 1/3 × 12 2/5 in.
62 color and 17 duotone photographs
Text in English
ISBN 978-3-8327-3319-3
Publisher teNeues