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Handmade Wooden Furniture

The twisted, languid geometric forms become the transforming endeavor from wood
to an expressive one-liner.

Personally axed out of pinewood in times solemn, curved down to almost surrealistic forms,
then all photographed by just the very same man.

The artistry of a lumberjack fuses into the art of his photographs.

By Stavros Kavalaris
2 of 13Antler Side Table
3 of 13Antler Side Table
4 of 13Mushroom Side Table
5 of 13Mushroom Side Table
6 of 13Butcher Chopping Table
7 of 13Butcher Chopping Table
8 of 13Butcher Chopping Table
9 of 13Shaving Horse
10 of 13Shaving Horse
11 of 13Trunk Side Table
12 of 13Trunk Side Table
13 of 13Trunk Side Table