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Wooden Furniture and Objects

The twisted, languid geometric forms become the transforming endeavor from wood
to an expressive one-liner.

Personally axed out of pinewood in times solemn, curved down to almost surrealistic forms,
then all photographed by just the very same man.

The artistry of a lumberjack fuses into the art of his photographs.

By Stavros Kavalaris
2 of 23Antler Side Table
3 of 23Antler Side Table
4 of 23Mushroom Side Table
5 of 23Mushroom Side Table
6 of 23Butcher Chopping Table
7 of 23Butcher Chopping Table
8 of 23Butcher Chopping Table
9 of 23Shaving Horse
10 of 23Shaving Horse
11 of 23Trunk Side Table
12 of 23Trunk Side Table
13 of 23Trunk Side Table
14 of 23The Square
15 of 23The Square
16 of 23The Square
17 of 23Medusa
18 of 23Medusa
19 of 23Medusa
20 of 23Bird Bowl
21 of 23Bird Bowl
22 of 23Eagle Arm Rest
23 of 23Eagle Arm Rest