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Thessaloniki Port
The Port

… there, to the west of Thessaloniki, at the water’s edge, the city port in the twilight…
All the machinery and equipment one would expect at such a location: ships at their moorings, cables and ropes stretched taut, cranes, passages and pathways through the maze, railway wagons on their rails…
Not a human figure in sight… everything suspended in absolute immobility.
A sense of energy frozen, time ceased, place undefined, which lends an element of drama to the gigantic, elevated equipment, like great beasts waiting a command to spring into action!
The scene is bizarre, unfamiliar… a world of cyclopean machines leading their own autonomous existence, unchallenged, supreme rulers, against a background of sea and sky, among the huge and ever-shifting heaps of minerals in transit.
The photographer’s eye has transformed these elements into scenes of an unsettling time, ‘metallic’, almost unearthly, clearly expressing a conviction that each photograph is a fantastic narrative, presented as a real scene in some alternative world…
Thalea Stephanidou


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