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Coincidentia oppositorum

The black-and-white versions of the photographs taken by Fokion Zissiadis in Iceland indicate a shift in the photographer’s attention, away from the light of the Mediterranean, the light of Apollo, to the darkness of night, the realm of Pluto.


In their creation of a narrative that has much more to do with recollection and memory than what we would call recorded experience, these black-and-white works are more open to ambivalence and oneiric associations, highlighting all the variations and transformations of matter in the absolute contrast between the white of ice and the black of volcanic lava. A contrast, in other words, which underlies a visual reconciliation of opposing parts – as the attempt at a comprehensive sense of lived experience defines a space in which opposites converge in a poetic blending and merging.



Thalea Stefanidou

Art Historian and Critic - Curator

2 of 24Kirkjufell Waterfalls
3 of 24Kirkjufell
4 of 24Broad_Shoulder
5 of 24Budir Church
6 of 24Budir Church Facade
7 of 24Dettifoss Waterfalls
8 of 24Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon
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10 of 24Ice Chunk Closeup
11 of 24Airplane Carcass
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13 of 24Icelandic Pony
14 of 24Black Angel Wings, Svartifoss
15 of 24Gerduberg Basalt Columns
16 of 24The man tames the dinosaur, Hvitserkur Rock
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18 of 24Hjorleifshofdl Cape
19 of 24Hjorleifshofdl Cape
20 of 24Dyrholaey Cape
21 of 24 Five Stones
22 of 24Skogafoss
23 of 24The Cave
24 of 24Hvitserkur Rock